About Us


The Maas family tree can be traced back to as early as 1642. We learned that one of our ancestors was a cobbler at that time.
Since then many more have chosen to practice this beautiful handcraft or otherwise to put footwear on the markets.

Brogues since 1988

The same happened to me as I started off with Brogues men?s shoes retail here in Laren. Meanwhile my son has joined our small business and is looking forward to welcome you in many years to come.


Exclusively selected

Over the last 29 years we have been visiting the best international footwear and fashion trade fairs in order to offer you a wide variety of the best shoes a man can get.
Of course, the English classic shoe but more and more the handmade Italian handcrafted shoes from the best artisans.
Shoes made in Spain and Portugal are good examples for young and fashionable footwear for an surprisingly attractive price.
The ultimate goal is to create a balanced collection of men?s footwear of the highest level in order to surprise you, our customer. This turns out to be a very challenging process all the time.
A process that we do undergo with lots of pleasure a few times per year!





Through personal approach and philosophy we were and are able to serve many enthusiastic and loyal customers throughout the whole of The Netherlands.
It?s our passion to reveal to you the beauty of an old, mostly handmade product, made in recent times.
We would like you as our valued clients to experience our passion for a wonderful shaped product, shoes with an impeccable fitting. Please do experience our knowledge of footwear, personal approach and service.


You can find us in Laren.

This web shop site is meant to be an good example of what we can offer you as Brogues men?s shoes.
However, we prefer to offer our personal attention to you and advise you by making the right choice of shoes, matching belts, cases and many other accessories.
Personal attention that we are only able to offer you on the spot, here in our shop.
We are located opposite the famous Singer Museum, Naarderstraat 30 in Laren.
We like to welcome you.


Yours Sincerely,


Kees and David Maas