Total Refurbishment

Total refurbishment of Crockett & Jones en Church's shoes


With proper care and in time repair, your shoes will give comfort, value and service over a considerable time.

However, if after wear you wish to extend the life of your shoes, we are able, because of the quality of the materials used in the original manufacturing process, to offer a full refurbishment service.

On arrival, the shoes are carefully assessed and placed on the original lasts. The soles and heels are removed, along with the welts and, if necessary, insoles.




With skill and care, our craftsmen rebuild the shoe, using genuine components and reconstruct it to its original specifications. It takes around eight working weeks to refurbish a pair of shoes, undergoing, as they do, many of the same process as when they were first made.

New leather or rubber soles are fitted and stitched, using the traditional Goodyear welted process, prior to the heel being attached.

Finally, the shoes are re-finished before being returned to you by us.




If you wish to return the shoes to us, please contact us for costs and we do request that you include your remittance with the shoes. We would appreciate the remittance with your shoes, together with your contact details. Alternatively, you could return the shoes to our shop.

However, if you decide to have your shoes repaired elsewhere and damages or problems occur, the factories will not be held responsible for the condition of your shoes following this repair.

Aside from the factory repairs we can recommend our local and well established repair service Super Largo in Bussum. We will organise this repair for you and contact you when your shoes are ready for collection.